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Panama real estate is one of the healthiest and dynamic real estate markets in the world. Panama real estate offers much more than the vibrant, bustling Panama City. In fact real estate in Panama Province is some of the most sought after in the country. Panama's great variety--ocean real estate with sweeping vistas on both coasts, mountain property in lush tropical cloudforest and farms in the charming foothils--Panama real estate offers something for everyone. From luxury properties to cozy cabins, the interior provinces provide a wide variety of choices to both single family home buyers and large scale investors.

Whether your interest is in development or investment land on the Azuero Peninsula and Veraguas or the little boom town of Pedasi, Boca Chica's bequiling bahias of the "Lost Coast", the lovely mountain homes of Boquete in the Chiriqui Highlands, the unique rural charm of Cocle and Chiriqui Province and its provincial capital of David or a hideaway on the Caribbean in Bocas del Toro or Colon, our staff brings a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and vast local knowledge to help you make an informed decision about your Panama real estate purchase.Bookmark 
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Panama Real Estate Blog

Information about owning a home in Panama, investing in Panama property, lifestyle choices in Panama, Panama News, and other items of interest to those considering Panama as a place to live or invest.

Air Panama Jets are Landing at David Airport

All the buzz about David's Malek airport expansion and what it will mean to Chiriqui Province has folks in the travel, tourism and real estate industries here very excited. Today we witnessed the Air Panama jet doing "touch and goes" in and out of Malek airport...

Sam Taliaferro Passes Away

The Panama real estate industry has lost one of it's best. Sam had a vision for Chiriqui Province and through his efforts propelled our area forward...

Flights from Tocumen to David--Finally!!!

Any one who has ever flown into Tocumen (Panama's international airport) and made the connection to Albrook(Panama's domestic airport) knows the headache and expense this little connection involves...

David Airport Expansion Contract to be Awarded

This is very good news for Chiriqui as we have been awaiting the promised expansion of our airport with high hopes for travel and tourism in this province that already has so much to offer...

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Panama Fishing Reports Coming Soon

We discovered Puerto Armuelles one of the many times we pored over nautical charts of Panama’s coast looking for that ideal seamount or ledge that would spell “big fish”. Five or six years ago, Panama (and its real estate market) was largely a big question mark. But the fish were a certainty. Just around the corner of Punta Burica was the famous angler’s destination of Golfito, Costa Rica. Since fish don’t really respect borders, the same record breaking catches were bound to be swimming right off the beaches at Limones and Puerto Arumuelles.

Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama Province A trip to the bookstore netted us one solitary guide from the folks at Lonely Planet and we eagerly sought out a description of the little town that once housed a thriving division of the United Fruit Company’s effort to corner the world’s banana production. At the end of the chapter on Chiriqui Province, there was a passing reference to the bus stop in Puerto Armuelles—the end of the line for public transportation and the jumping off point to make the trek to “Mona Feliz”, an eccentric eco-lodge at the tip of the Burica Peninsula. Years later, friends would bring the new Frommer’s guide to Panama and, searching once again, we found not even a mention of this, one of our favorite spots in the country.

Panama has miles of some of the most rugged and beautiful coastline in the hemisphere. And, by and large, you still risk your axels and your kidneys trying to reach them. The breathtaking vistas at Boca Chica, for instance, are an hour-and-a-half’s ride from the InterAmerican Highway and you had better have plenty of gas and provisions with you as there’s no petrol station or grocery store at the end of that ride.

Arriving in Puerto Armuelles via an immaculate paved road, you pass several gas stations, a couple of grocery stores, and the town is dotted with typical restaurants, clothing and sundries stores, banks, pharmacies, internet cafes, bakeries, and pretty much whatever you might need to sustain life. Okay, basic is the watchword, but we couldn’t help but wonder why this complete town was so completely ignored by even locals.

Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama Province The old banana pier sits in disrepair jutting out from the “Malecon”—a sort of seaside walkway that fronts the Pacific side of the town. There you can join the locals and jig for dinner in the clear depths. There are several places where you can sip a cold cerveza and one really outstanding restaurant, “Don Carlos” that has served the town in good times and bad with superb fresh fish dishes and the best (and possibly the only) pizza in town. If you are lucky, the owner (a local), will stop by your table and regale you with stories, opinions and tales of old Panama. His father started the place back in the banana heyday and the legendary Pier 3 sauce still on the menu is not to be missed. That pier is gone, but the fond culinary tribute remains a testimony to better days.

The banana company housed its employees in a tiered system. Much of that housing remains and much of it is being lovingly restored today. You can see the middle management area known as San Jose, where little clapboard houses line a few streets, all dressed up in tropical colors. You can explore the rattle-trap worker housing right on some of the best beach real estate in Panama. And then you can step back in time and look at Las Palmas, a neighborhood of some 45 homes laid out on rolling green lawns. This was the enclave of the privledged, the bastion of the upper management sent down to the torpid jungle to mine the yellow gold known as “musa sapientum” or ‘fruit of the wise men’.

Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama Province There are a few places outside of the big city that speak as loudly of the history of this tiny nation than the villas that dot the gentle hills of Las Palmas. In their glory days, these expansive stilt-elevated homes with their teak-slatted windows and soaring ceilings were meant to cushion spoiled foreigners from the rigors of native life. The neighborhood was endowed with a swimming pool, tennis court and a nine-hole golf course to sooth away the boredom and restlessness that must have come with being stationed at what was then the end of the earth. There was (and still is) and airstrip, oddly positioned in the middle of one of the fairways, where small planes could whisk you away to the city. Beyond, you can see the ghost go-downs where packing and production took place.

It is almost impossible not to envision ladies in wide-brimmed straw hats and their gentlemen in white linen suits strolling about the winding lanes exchanging greetings at sunset as the parrots cry overhead as they make their daily trek home. Aside from the occasional boat parked in a driveway, or the ubiquitous SUV, there’s little about Las Palmas that has changed over the decades since it was built. Horses still wander freely through the unfenced perimeters of generous lots, birds still populate the huge old-growth trees, and the Pacific still lends its cool breezes to the porches that open into the equatorial dusk as it descends on the undiscovered and unspoiled charm of Puerto Armuelles.

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